Recently Prairie Adult Care Inc received some very encouraging testimonials. We’d like to share some of them with you.

“My wife and I work full time, parent teenagers, plus care for Dad under one roof. We have the peace of mind that Dad has his own ‘place to belong’ while we are busy at work and school.” — Employed Multigenerational Caregiver

an elderly woman and her daughter share time in PAC's garden

“After Mom moved off the farm and into our home, she thought her life was over. Attending the day program has helped her establish new friendships and has renewed her interest in life.” — Daughter of a Participant

“My role is to assist family caregivers in finding quality, affordable care that fits their needs. The day program provides cost effective services for both the caregiver and care recipient.” — Licensed Social Worker

“I’m a devoted wife and thought I could take care of everything after my husband’s illness. I ended up in the hospital due to exhaustion. It was then I realized I needed to accept help from others. Now the day program is keeping both of us healthy.” — Wife of a Participant

“Our top sales person was continuously interrupted at work by phone calls from Dad. She was obviously under a great deal of stress caring for her father along with balancing the demands of her career. After engaging the day services she was able to focus 100%, knowing her father was well cared for.” — Human Resources

“After a brain injury and paralysis forced me to accept early retirement, I needed new avenues to pursue. The day program has helped me continue my recovery and develop new interests.” — Day Program Participant

A Longer Letter from a Caregiver

I was reluctant to even consider the idea that I needed help in caring for my husband. I’ve always been a very self sufficient and capable person and this role of caregiving was new to me. After some time, I had to admit to myself and my adult children that our situation at home was becoming a very physically and mentally demanding ordeal. As I paused to reflect on our current lives as care partners, I could see that nearly every hour of everyday was consumed with some aspect of caregiving centered around my husbandŐs needs. Both of us had dropped out of every social group we had previously been active in. I had quit my part time job, which I had always enjoyed. Quite honestly, as much as I love my husband, there were many times I felt our relationship was tainted by anger, sadness, loneliness, fatigue, and frustration.

Then, fortunately, our son introduced us to the adult day program. Within a week we both adjusted to a newly found freedom! My husband now receives the care he needs along with encouraging peer support. I am rejuvenated by an uninterrupted day to reconnect my life. I feel like the day program has added immense quality to our lives. I’m sure we are both in better health because of the day program and support groups.

for your loved one … and you!

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