Getting Started at PAC Inc

Getting Started

We would like to meet you in person to answer questions, assess needs, and discuss how the day center might be beneficial to your particular situation. This initial meeting can be arranged at your convenience in your home or you can schedule a tour to visit our center in person. However, if you are a long-distance caregiver, a phone conversation might be the most practical method of communication.

We recommend that the prospective participant and caregiver(s) visit our day center and spend time meeting our staff and participants while trying out the activities. If you are interested in talking with other families who have used our services, we can provide you with a reference list.

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It is important to realize that getting started in the day center is often challenging for some individuals. Getting up and going out to a new setting, with a group of people who at first are strangers can produce some anxiety. For some individuals, the discipline of a healthy routine outside of the home may be met with some resistance. Often, it is equally stressful for the caregiver and the participant to be apart for an extended time during the day. We understand all of those feelings and make every effort to ease the transition. We encourage the participant and caregiver to give regular feedback to our staff, especially during the first few weeks.

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Application Process

Once you’ve made the decision to enter the day center program, we arrange a time to complete the application forms as follows. This takes about an hour and can be done in your home or at the day center.

  1. Assessment of Needs consists of a thorough discussion of the individual’s physical, emotional and mental status, and pertient social and family background information to develop a plan of care.
  2. Interest Inventory of hobbies, interests, talents, work and social history that the individual has been involved in to assist us in becoming acquainted.
  3. Review and Signing of Program Policies including the Adult Protection Plan, Bill of Rights, Grievance Procedure, Eligibility Criteria, Emergency Policies, Service Agreement and Consent Forms.
  4. The Plan of Care is developed between the caregiver, participant and Prairie Adult Care Inc to establish the method of working towards agreed-upon goals. This care plan is reviewed and signed by the physician in reference to the individual’s past medical history to assure comprehensive care. At least every three months this plan is reviewed and revised with the caregiver.
  5. Individual Protection Plan is established for each participant to recognize the person’s unique vulnerabilities and assure an understanding of Prairie Adult Care Inc’s responsibilities to protect the individual.
  6. Establish a Service Agreement for the services requested and the days of the week the individual plans to attend. This service agreement can be changed at any time with advance notice. The service agreement includes the payment plan and secondary insurance billing procedures where applicable.
  7. Transportation Arrangements are made with the local specialized transportation company. Alternate modes of transportation are arranged in the interim depending on locale and family availability.

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