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When Is The Right Time?

More often than not, a family caregiver over-extends her/his role in caregiving duties, to the point of exhaustion. Accepting help early on in caring for a loved one often abates the predicament of a crisis situation.

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Levels of Care

A client of Prairie Adult Care

Level One

At Level One, our center provides supervision, socialization and minimal assistance with activities of daily living. The participant will be well-served by Level One if they have physical problems that are stable, or are forgetful or mildly confused, or are living with depression or other mental illness, or have some cognitive judgement difficulties, or need socialization with peers.

Level Two

At Level Two, our center provides additional periodic monitoring by a nurse or physical therapist, medication administration, and moderate assistance with activities of daily living. The participant will be well-served by Level Two if they have difficulties in communicating or decision-making, or require skilled health care, or have behaviors that require intervention.

Level Three

At Level Three, our center provides regular monitoring or intervention by a nurse or physical therapist, moderate to total care in one or more activities of daily living, and assistance of staff to transfer and/or walk. The participant will be well-served by Level Three if they are unable to move without assistance, unable to communicate their needs, or display behavior requiring frequent staff intervention or support.

PAC Inc Provides Care at All Three Levels

Prairie Adult Care Inc provides a range of services within the three Levels of Care. Services are focused on health and wellness for your loved one and for you. Some of these services are part of the basic adult care day and others are optional.

Medication Administration & Health Monitoring

Medication administration and health monitoring are included as part of the normal daily rate. Licensed personnel administer prescribed medications and monitor the response, as indicated in the care plan. Blood pressure, pulse and weight are checked regularly. Physical components of movement, strength and endurance are monitored daily. Continence management plans are available for participants needing assistance. Foot care includes a whirlpool, skin check and pedicure. A professional registered nurse and licensed physical therapist supervise and assess all of these components.

Dietary Program

Each day includes a noon meal and morning and afternoon snacks. The noon meal meets one third of the recommended dietary allowance specified by the Nutrition Board. A registered dietitian approves the menu for all meals. Meals are prepared and catered by a professional kitchen. The morning and afternoon snacks each include two food groups. Meals are served family style in the dining area. Guests are always welcome for snack or meal times.

Assistance with setup of the meal and supervision of eating is provided as indicated in the individual’s care plan. Adaptive eating utensils are available as needed. Modified diets are available for persons with specific dietary prescriptions.

a young musician playing his violin A dog provides a welcome companion

Adapted Recreation

Participants are facilitated in recreational activities that match their interests and needs. A variety of choices are available each day.

Hours and Transportation

Our operational hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Participants may choose to attend the day program at anytime during this period.

Our staff coordinates all the rides with Metro Mobility and Scott County Transit which provide door-through-door transportation for eligible participants.

Educational Programs

Educational programs are offered at least monthly and generally are free and open to the public. Subject matter of interest and help to caregiving families is presented by a variety of speakers. Please check News & Events for current details.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is available as an optional service, and as prescribed and indicated in your service agreement. An hourly fee is charged for nursing services, such as foot care, injections and examinations.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is available to any participant and to the general public. Massage therapy can be scheduled by appointment between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. Services are billed in 15 minute increments and are biled directly to the participant. Call 952–949–3126 for an appointment.

Barber Services

PAC Inc offers on-site barber services for participants and caregivers. Talk with our staff for more information or for an appointment.

Youth Garden Project Bob & Frances, community volunteers

Community Volunteers


Adult and youth volunteers provide the extra talents, eyes, hands and ears that make it possible for us to provide the myriad of interesting services at Prairie Adult Care Inc. An effort is made to match each volunteer’s interests and availability with the activities at the day center. Volunteerism can be personally rewarding as well as an academic learning experience. Contact us for more information.

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